April 23, 2021 – COVID’s Impact on Litigation and the Practice of Law

HUT Consulting Updates NYCLA on COVID’s Impact

Harumi Urata-Thompson addressed members of the NYCLA Continuing Legal Education Institute at the 44th Annual Civil Trial Practice Institute in April 2021, again in an online forum due to the overhang of the pandemic.

Within a full day of panel discussions, Harumi appeared alongside other experts to speak to the specifics surrounding COVID-19’s impact on technology and security issues for small firms. Harumi was reunited (virtually, that is) with Mark Rosen, Esq., Brooklyn Law School, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, amongst others.

NYCLA’s Continuing Legal Education Institute set up this program to inform the public, lawyers, corporations and national security practitioners about:

  • how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted litigating commercial and personal injury cases;
  • the use of technology, including the benefits and concerns;
  • the ethical ramifications of the “new normal;”
  • how law firms are dealing with/reacting to, the crisis situation;
  • and what are the implications for the future.
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April 22, 2021 – Education for IT Pros, Cybersecurity Post COVID-19

HUT Consulting on Cybersecurity Post COVID-19

Harumi Urata-Thompson updated Information Technology professionals with online continuing education on The Great IT Professional’s platform.

In the “Cybersecurity Post COVID-19” webinar, Harumi described how COVID-19 changed the way we work and the environment that surrounds us.  In greater detail in the webinar, Harumi talked about how organizations face new kinds of challenges due to uncertainty, the remote workforce and the surge of opportunistic cybercriminals.

The Great IT Professional is an organization fully funded and supported by CAI. The Great IT Professional was created to promote project management and information technology best practices and to make it easy and affordable for IT and Project Management professionals to stay educated and competitive in a rapidly changing, global landscape.

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April 1, 2021 – Harumi Presents at GBA Blockchain Week 2021 Virtual Summit

Harumi Presents on GBA Blockchain Week 2021

Greater Bay Area, the region which was previously referred to as the Pearl River Delta, includes Hong Kong, Macao and nine cities in South China’s Guangdong province.  GBA Blockchain Week 2021 is where “Speakers and high-profile experts from Asia, Europe, and the US will converge to discuss major opportunities and prospects of DCEP.”

In a panel moderated by Dwight van Diem of BCW Group and appearing with blockchain advocates like Che Cabreros and Micah Kershner of Worldpay, Reed Holmes (Head of Banking & Payments Americas) of Kraken Exchange, Harumi Urata-Thompson had her CIO hat on for Celsius Network.  The panel of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts addressed the topic of “Unlocking Retail Growth: Card to Crypto” on Day 2 of a packed week.

Other applications of blockchain technology addressed at GBA Blockchain Week 2021’s Virtual Summit ranged from supply chains, port logistics, trade infrastructure to smart cities development and the enterprise, and of course to finance.


Greater Bay Area Blockchain Week 2021 is described as “the premier virtual event for an international audience passionate about technology, education, and business.” GBA Blockchain Week is hosted by NexChange Group, an innovation and media platform specializing in Blockchain, Fintech, AI, Healthtech, Entertainment and Smart Cities.

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March 13, 2021 – CoinTelegraph Interviews Harumi with 6 Questions

Harumi Answers “6 Questions for …”

Interviewed by the editorial staff of CoinTelegraph Magazine for “6 Questions for …”, Harumi Urata-Thompson addressed the current state of blockchain technology, as distinguished from cryptocurrency, among other sundry things.

In an insightful and thought provoking Q&A type interview, Harumi puts a stake in the ground for blockchain tech, laying down the big picture objective with the question:

“Whose problem should we solve that provides us the mass adoption path?”

In this regard, she describes a business use case for a potential road forward:

“How about we solve the problem where the government must send out massive checks like stimulus checks, social benefits, tax credit, so on? I would investigate this kind of solution provider business. I do not believe that it is a coincidence that we have begun to focus on central bank digital currency recently, and a lot of talk in the blockchain fintech [industries] is around this topic.”

Read more about Harumi’s expansive view of the world today, through the lens of blockchain, with optimistic thoughts on the power of technology to solve many real-world problems.

CoinTelegraph Magazine’s “6 Questions” describes its objective: “We ask the builders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector for their thoughts on the industry… and throw in a few random zingers to keep them on their toes!”

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March 10, 2021 – HUT on Cybersecurity at Brooklyn Law School

A Cybersecurity Update for Brooklyn Law Students

Invited again to address law students on cybersecurity issues, Harumi Urata-Thompson joined a panel of experts in a now familiar online conference environment.  Mark Rosen of Brooklyn Law School often hosts guest lecturers to broaden dialogue and offer law students the latest thinking at the intersection of technology, law, and security.

Harumi participated in bringing together the group’s expertise in law, business, and technology to mix it up with promising young minds of students in a quintessentially contemporary mode of technology-enabled learning.

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March 2, 2021 – Harumi Interviewed on the Financial Fox Show

Harumi Interviewed on Financial Fox by Stefania

In this episode of Financial Fox, Stefania Barbaglio reconnected with Harumi Urata-Thompson, acting CFO at Celsius Network. Celsius is a blockchain-based all-in-one cryptocurrency banking and lending platform for cryptocurrency users, as retailers and as financial institutions.

In this lively conversation, Harumi navigates through the role of financial institutions and the crypto world by describing the unique offering of the Celsius platform.  In recent months, traditional financial institutions have been moving into the crypto space with more enthusiasm.

For example, in December 2020, UK-based Ruffer Investment confirmed it had $744M in Bitcoin. This trend has been growing among firms who view Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an asset for diversifying their portfolio.  This is also an important milestone for cryptocurrency to establish itself as a reliable store of value and potentially to reach mainstream adoption.

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December 19, 2020 – Harumi Presents at Hackathon Day 2 by Blockchain Center

Harumi Presents at Hackathon Day 2 at The Blockchain Center

The Blockchain Center hosted Hackathon Day 2 streaming live on YouTube, with a year-end wrap up of 2020’s Blockchain highlights. Harumi Urata-Thompson represented Celsius Network with an overview and update of the cryptocurrency lending platform.

Sitting within the vanguard of innovation in the cryptocurrency landscape, Harumi describes the Celsius Network business model and value proposition as a lending platform in the context of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s), cryptocurrency startup companies, and venture capital funding stages.

The online event was hosted by the Blockchain Center.

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November 19, 2020 – Harumi Kicks Off Hong Kong Blockchain Week with Blockchain Center

Harumi Kicks Off Hong Kong Blockchain Week with The Blockchain Center

The Blockchain Center was LIVE from Hong Kong Blockchain Week, launching off with a panel on Central Bank Digital Currency with Harumi Urata-Thompson from Celsius Network and Andrew Durgee from Republic Crypto.

In the webcast, Harumi and Andrew talked about the current cryptocurrency landscape. The lively discussion ranged from talking about the variety of financial and technological features of NFT’s and NFT exchanges to a wide-ranging back-and-forth of crypto “war stories” about the recent past and future trajectory of cryptocurrency businesses. Their segment of the live webcast was followed by presentations of the biggest Non Fungible Token projects: Juergen Hoebarth from Tokenization Limited, Jesse Johnson from Aavegochi, and Devin Finzer from OpenSea.

Andrew Durgee entered crypto in early 2010, pioneering early blockchain technology plays including an industry first multi signature wallet repository. Andrew studied Management Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is a highly skilled executive with over 12 years of experience. Andrew was previously a Partner at a leading blockchain advisory group, TLDR.

The online event was hosted by the Blockchain Center.

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November 19, 2020 – Harumi Speaks at Goldfingr Virtual Deal Club for Hong Kong Blockchain Week

Harumi Opens Hong Kong Blockchain Week with Goldfingr Virtual Deal Club

Appearing alongside notable blockchain investors and advocates, Brock Pierce and Nick Spanos, Harumi Urata-Thompson opened up Hong Kong Blockchain Week for Goldfingr Virtual Deal Club.

Brock Pierce, a blockchain billionaire, spoke about “The Future of Blockchain and Crypto during the Global Economic Crisis — A Time for Rebirth”.

Nick Spanos, Founder of the Blockchain Center, talked about “Ushering in the Digital Age: Smart Contracts and Oracles.”

Harumi, speaking as CFO at Celsius Network, addressed “The Crypto Lending Economy”.

Hong Kong Blockchain Weeks Premier Investor Event – Goldfingr Virtual Deal Club XVI, was hosted by Lior Messika, CEO of EdenBlock VC.

Goldfingr is an exclusive global investment club, based on the mastermind principle. Founded in NYC (2014), Goldfingr is the 1st digital members-only club.  The Virtual Unconference of Conferences, a Boutique Experiential Summit for Investors, Founder/CEOs & VIPs.

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November 19, 2020 – Harumi Interviewed on Bitcoin Price Appreciation by Finance Magnates

Harumi on Bitcoin Price Trends as $20K Looms Again

Rachel McIntosh of the Finance Magnates interviewed Harumi Urata-Thompson among other cryptocurrency experts on Bitcoin’s potential to break the $20,000 price threshold. In particular the news analysis focused on what’s different in the environment for bitcoin in 2020 from that of 2017.

Key themes on what’s different include:

This Time, Bitcoin’s Price Rally Is More Stable and Seems to Be Driven by Larger Players

Growing Institutional Interest Is Feeding Bitcoin’s Rally

But, as Harumi described it,

“whenever the market had some peak and came down the way Bitcoin did in 2017, it does create a psychological (and physical, as there will be a lot of sell orders that will be placed around that level) top that will take a bit more than a few buys to breakthrough.”

Read the full article with further details here.

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