November 19, 2020 – Harumi Interviewed on Bitcoin Price Appreciation by Finance Magnates

Harumi on Bitcoin Price Trends as $20K Looms Again

Rachel McIntosh of the Finance Magnates interviewed Harumi Urata-Thompson among other cryptocurrency experts on Bitcoin’s potential to break the $20,000 price threshold. In particular the news analysis focused on what’s different in the environment for bitcoin in 2020 from that of 2017.

Key themes on what’s different include:

This Time, Bitcoin’s Price Rally Is More Stable and Seems to Be Driven by Larger Players

Growing Institutional Interest Is Feeding Bitcoin’s Rally

But, as Harumi described it,

“whenever the market had some peak and came down the way Bitcoin did in 2017, it does create a psychological (and physical, as there will be a lot of sell orders that will be placed around that level) top that will take a bit more than a few buys to breakthrough.”

Read the full article with further details here.

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January 31, 2019 – Cryptocurrency in Asia at NYC City Bar

Cryptocurrency in Asia at NYC City Bar

Cryptocurrency in Asia is extremely active but regulatory-wise, a very different scene from the US and for the practitioners who get involved in the business need continuing education to stay up to date.  HUT Consulting was invited to provide insight into different jurisdictions’ cryptocurrency trading.


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