April 23, 2021 – COVID’s Impact on Litigation and the Practice of Law

HUT Consulting Updates NYCLA on COVID’s Impact

Harumi Urata-Thompson addressed members of the NYCLA Continuing Legal Education Institute at the 44th Annual Civil Trial Practice Institute in April 2021, again in an online forum due to the overhang of the pandemic.

Within a full day of panel discussions, Harumi appeared alongside other experts to speak to the specifics surrounding COVID-19’s impact on technology and security issues for small firms. Harumi was reunited (virtually, that is) with Mark Rosen, Esq., Brooklyn Law School, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, amongst others.

NYCLA’s Continuing Legal Education Institute set up this program to inform the public, lawyers, corporations and national security practitioners about:

  • how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted litigating commercial and personal injury cases;
  • the use of technology, including the benefits and concerns;
  • the ethical ramifications of the “new normal;”
  • how law firms are dealing with/reacting to, the crisis situation;
  • and what are the implications for the future.
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April 22, 2021 – Education for IT Pros, Cybersecurity Post COVID-19

HUT Consulting on Cybersecurity Post COVID-19

Harumi Urata-Thompson updated Information Technology professionals with online continuing education on The Great IT Professional’s platform.

In the “Cybersecurity Post COVID-19” webinar, Harumi described how COVID-19 changed the way we work and the environment that surrounds us.  In greater detail in the webinar, Harumi talked about how organizations face new kinds of challenges due to uncertainty, the remote workforce and the surge of opportunistic cybercriminals.

The Great IT Professional is an organization fully funded and supported by CAI. The Great IT Professional was created to promote project management and information technology best practices and to make it easy and affordable for IT and Project Management professionals to stay educated and competitive in a rapidly changing, global landscape.

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March 10, 2021 – HUT on Cybersecurity at Brooklyn Law School

A Cybersecurity Update for Brooklyn Law Students

Invited again to address law students on cybersecurity issues, Harumi Urata-Thompson joined a panel of experts in a now familiar online conference environment.  Mark Rosen of Brooklyn Law School often hosts guest lecturers to broaden dialogue and offer law students the latest thinking at the intersection of technology, law, and security.

Harumi participated in bringing together the group’s expertise in law, business, and technology to mix it up with promising young minds of students in a quintessentially contemporary mode of technology-enabled learning.

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November 13, 2020 – National Cybersecurity in the Time of COVID

Harumi on Cybersecurity and the Legal Sphere

Harumi Urata-Thompson is often asked to present to members of the NYCLA Continuing Legal Education Institute. This time in an online webinar, Harumi appeared alongside a panel of respected experts at NYCLA’s Sixth Annual program.

Using a panel format comprised of all-star experts in their fields, the program looked today’s ever changing technological climate, the threat of cyberwarfare and hacks, the impact of COVID-19, as well as the changing role of the attorney and law firm.

Panels in the program included:

  • Cyber Security and Crime: How to Understand the Threat to Your Firm and Client
  • The Intelligence Community Under Attack: The Risk to National security; whistleblowers and Why we Need Them
  • COVID and the Changed Workplace: How to Has Affected the Employer and Employee
  • National Security and Counterterrorism in the 2020’s: Prosecuting Terrorism Cases; Investigating National Security Cases; The Mind of a Domestic Terrorist
  • Pandemic Response and National Security: Deployment of thee Military; Legality of Quarantine Orders; How to Fight COVID-19
  • The Changing Supreme Court: Animus at 1 First Street NE, Washington DC
  • Lies, Deceit and Fake News: How it Impacts National Security
  • Homeland Security Investigations: IP Investigations; Cyber Crime; Money Laundering; Human Trafficking
  • Customs and Border Protection: What do They REALLY do?

Harumi reunited with Mark Rosen, Esq., Brooklyn Law School, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, who serves as Program Chair and Moderator.

NYCLA’s Continuing Legal Education Institute set up the program to inform the public, lawyers, corporations and national security practitioners about the latest developments in the area of cyber security, national security, threats, privacy, and the evolving role and responsibilities of attorneys and firms in the time of COVID and beyond.

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September 11, 2020 – Current Issues in Corporate Governance Update Webinar on HalfMoon

Harumi Updates Professionals: Current Issues in Corporate Governance Webinar on HalfMoon

Presenting on Day 2 of a 2-day webinar series as part of continuing education for professional accountants and lawyers, Harumi Urata-Thompson provided an update on cybersecurity issues today. Harumi addressed a myriad of key cybersecurities topics, including:

Understanding cybersecurity risks
Management and board member training
Implementing internal controls and best practices
Cybersecurity insurance
Recent developments in cybersecurity: examining the latest attacks and defenses

HalfMoon Education Inc. provides high-quality continuing education seminars to professionals. HalfMoon Education Inc. is the successor to the combination of HalfMoon LLC and Foxmoor Continuing Education, a respected provider of post-secondary learning activities and programs for attorneys, accountants and financial professionals. HalfMoon Education selectively recruits distinguished faculty members that understand professional needs by geographic region.

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June 19, 2020 – Cybersecurity in the Work From Home Environment of COVID-19: NELA Panel

Cybersecurity in the Work From Home Environment of COVID-19: NELA Panel

In a time of COVID-19, people working from home use virtual communication platforms within varying home office situations.  This raises the challenge of applying the right cybersecurity policies and procedures, which protects and supports but doesn’t hinder work.  This also applies directly to the ambient issues surrounding employment law. Accordingly, the panel of experts that included Harumi highlighted current cybersecurity issues for the online audience members of the National Employment Lawyers Association in New York.

As Harumi describes the work-from-home environment today in a COVID-19 world:

Bad actors do not discriminate the organizations with 10 people from that of 10,000 people so regardless of whom we work for or where we are, we all need to be cognizant of what’s happening out there and be prepared. There are a lot of things that we can do in this field to protect our computers, data and work environment from being breached without having a big group of people working solely on it. It all starts with awareness and it doesn’t have to be scary.

Presenting alongside Harumi Urata-Thompson were Paul Jang, Legal & EdTech Specialist at Brooklyn Law School, employment lawyer Troy Kessler, Roseni Plaza, Executive Director of NELA NY, and Mark Rosen, Adjunct Professor at Brooklyn Law School.

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May 18, 2020 – COVID-19 and Cybersecurity Implications for NYC Legal Continuing Education

HUT Consulting Updates NYC Legal Community on Cybersecurity Amidst Mandatory Work From Home in a COVID-19 Environment

Harumi Urata-Thompson is often asked to keep members of the NYCLA Continuing Legal Education Institute abreast of the latest issues impacting the intersection of Tech, Security, and Business practices. During the current pandemic, with so many people working from home and telecommuting, cybersecurity issues are at the forefront.

Harumi reunited with Mark Rosen, Esq., Brooklyn Law School, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and Guy Robinson, IT Consultant on the panel of experts presenting at the event. They addressed steps lawyers can take to protect themselves and their clients, ethical considerations, and scams and hacks to watch out for.

“Bad actors never take vacation so why should we ever stop learning?”

Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO, HUT Consulting

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April 23, 2020 – Delivering Cybersecurity Learning to the LairEast NYC Startup Community

LairEast NYC Craving for Cybersecurity Learning Satisfied by HUT Consulting

Harumi Urata-Thompson delivered cybersecurity knowledge that was especially in demand in a post-COVID-19 world to the highly engaged (and engaging) Lair East community.

While presenting the cybersecurity topic itself isn’t particularly unique, given the pandemic, these are by no means ordinary times, and new things develop day by day.  Harumi talked about the heightened importance of protecting our digital assets and securing the work-from-home environment by better understanding what exactly we’re facing.

HUT Consulting thanks Cyber Dacians for contributing content to the presentation.

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April 15, 2020 – HUT Consulting on Cybersecurity at Brooklyn Law School’s Post-COVID19 Online Class

Talking Cybersecurity to Law Students in a Post-COVID-19 Online Class

Harumi Urata-Thompson had a taste of how students are learning during this COVID-19 era. Mark Rosen, who teaches at Brooklyn Law School, invited Harumi and Guy Robinson to guest lecture at one of the last classes of the term, talking about cybersecurity in panel discussion style.

Harumi participated in bringing together the group’s expertise in law, business, and technology and mingling with the brilliant young minds of these students in a socially-distanced manner that’s only possible in today’s technology-enabled environment.

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April 14, 2020 – Cybersecurity and Work from Home in a COVID-19 Context

Cybersecurity and Work From Home – HUT Consulting Offers Timely Advice

With COVID-19’s abrupt impact on people’s lives, work styles changed dramatically. Along with it came a lot of additional cybersecurity issues that everyday people now needed to think about.  Previously, it had fallen upon businesses as employers to set up cyberseurity procedures.  And before the pandemic hit like a tsunami, it wasn’t required for ordinary people as employees to work full-time from home with just a moment’s notice.

Now everyone who is working from home is vulnerable to bad actors and threats of cyberattack, this time with more at stake than their personal digital assets.

Harumi Urata-Thompson presented to the HalfMoon Education audience with answers to big questions like:

What should we, now that we’ve passed the initial shock and chaos stage, be thinking about as an individual and organization?”

HUT Consulting thanks Cyber Dacians for contributing content to this presentation.

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