Cybersecurity and Work From Home – HUT Consulting Offers Timely Advice

With COVID-19’s abrupt impact on people’s lives, work styles changed dramatically. Along with it came a lot of additional cybersecurity issues that everyday people now needed to think about.  Previously, it had fallen upon businesses as employers to set up cyberseurity procedures.  And before the pandemic hit like a tsunami, it wasn’t required for ordinary people as employees to work full-time from home with just a moment’s notice.

Now everyone who is working from home is vulnerable to bad actors and threats of cyberattack, this time with more at stake than their personal digital assets.

Harumi Urata-Thompson presented to the HalfMoon Education audience with answers to big questions like:

What should we, now that we’ve passed the initial shock and chaos stage, be thinking about as an individual and organization?”

HUT Consulting thanks Cyber Dacians for contributing content to this presentation.