September 24, 2020 – Space and Blockchain, An Online Panel by Blockchain Center

Space and Blockchain, A “Thursdays on the Block” Online Panel

The Blockchain Center hosts a weekly webcast event, “Thursdays on the Block“.  The New Space Economy was the centralizing topic de jour for a panel of experts that included Harumi Urata-Thompson, who appeared as CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata.

This week’s panel discussion, “Space and Blockchain” was held with deeply experienced knowledge experts and entrepreneurs who operate at the intersection of Space (as in Outer Space) and emerging enabling technologies like blockchain.

Appearing on the panel alongside Harumi were Grant Blaisdell and Samuel Reid.  Grant Blaisdell is an early innovator in applying blockchain technology to various industries, having co-founded the leading Blockchain Analytics and AML company Confirm and the marketplace for digital Space assets, Copernic Space.

Samuel Reid is a mathematician, business executive, inventor, and STEM polymath, having been the Chief Blockchain Engineer of the world’s first government regulated cryptocurrency exchange, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange. He was CEO of Clean Crude Corporation and GeometricLabs Corporation and is also part of the Space Exploration Branch of the Canadian Space Agency as a member of the Signature Technology Consultation Committee.

Engaging in a lively conversation, the panel addressed issues like:

How do you get involved in the New Space Economy?

What can we learn about New Space Economy startup trajectories?

What about the New Space Economy startup ecosystem is different?

When and how do you fundraise in the New Space Economy ecosystem?

The online event was hosted by the Blockchain Center as part of its weekly “Thursdays on the Block” webcast panel discussion.

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June 26, 2019 – Where Space, Big Data, and Healthcare Converge event at Sullivan Law, NYC

Where Space, Big Data, and Healthcare Converge, a celestialdata and Sullivan Law event in New York City

Wearing two hats, HUT Consulting CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata, Harumi Urata-Thompson moderated a lively panel addressing the convergence of the Space economy, Big Data, and Healthcare IT services. Harumi balanced the Q&A by tying together myriad threads of discussion around block chain, big data and artificial intelligence, healthcare and big data analytics.

Panel experts in their fields, Sullivan Law’s Chair of Fintech and Blockchain, Joel Telpner sat with Chief Scientist, Symanto & Columbia University’s Adjunct Professor Yassine Benajiba, and Kelly H. Zou, VP, Head of Medical Analytics and Insights, Upjohn, Pfizer. Alongside them, Lucas Fonseca, Co-Founder and Chief Space Officer of celestialdata, spoke to the trends in the Space economy and how big data from outer space can be brought down to help life sciences leapfrog to improve human health on earth.


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January 8, 2018 – Downtown Magazine Featured the October 25 Space Panel

Downtown Magazine Featured the October 25 Space Panel

Executive Salon space panel content was featured!

Insightful Outer Space Conversations At Insights Salon



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October 25, 2017 – Space Panel for Executive Salon

Space Panel for Executive Salon

Bank of America hosted a Downtown Magazine Insights Salon where the panel discussed outerspace business.  HUT Consulting took a part.


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