June 18, 2020 – Blockchain Center Expert Panel: Enterprise Blockchain Webinar

Blockchain Center Expert Panel Webinar: “Enterprise Blockchain”

Harumi Urata-Thompson’s homebase is New York City, the world’s leading financial center.  It was natural for Harumi to reference fintech as examples of enterprise use of blockchain.  In a time of COVID-19, people are using virtual means of communication and come from many different homebases.  Accordingly, the panel of experts that included Harumi related enterprise blockchain to other areas like medtech. The lively webinar discussion on Enterprise Blockchain focused around addressing questions like:

At what point can we say a certain technology is truly adopted?  Is it when most solution providers consider this as part of the product?  Or when the majority of  end users have switched?

What is the best use case of this technology? Is personal data one of them?

Presenting alongside Harumi Urata-Thompson were respected peers, Manny Alicandro, NYC attorney and former candidate for New York Attorney General and NYC Public Advocate, Brian J. Esposito, Founder & President of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, a holding company with 20+ years of taking a company’s vision and launching successfully into market, Radhika Iyengar, Founding Partner at StarChain Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture studio focused on the convergence of advanced technologies and enterprise blockchain expert, and Xenia Vyazemskaya, co-founder of It Takes Two content marketing and PR firm for startups in fintech and digital assets.

The webinar was moderated by Peter Borovykh, who made his name in finance and created groundbreaking algorithmic trading strategies that quantifies market sentiment and leverages market participant emotion.

The online event was hosted by the Blockchain Center and Bitcoin Center NYC, with special thanks to Anna Ginzburg, Nick Spanos and Scott Spiegel.

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June 26, 2019 – Where Space, Big Data, and Healthcare Converge event at Sullivan Law, NYC

Where Space, Big Data, and Healthcare Converge, a celestialdata and Sullivan Law event in New York City

Wearing two hats, HUT Consulting CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata, Harumi Urata-Thompson moderated a lively panel addressing the convergence of the Space economy, Big Data, and Healthcare IT services. Harumi balanced the Q&A by tying together myriad threads of discussion around block chain, big data and artificial intelligence, healthcare and big data analytics.

Panel experts in their fields, Sullivan Law’s Chair of Fintech and Blockchain, Joel Telpner sat with Chief Scientist, Symanto & Columbia University’s Adjunct Professor Yassine Benajiba, and Kelly H. Zou, VP, Head of Medical Analytics and Insights, Upjohn, Pfizer. Alongside them, Lucas Fonseca, Co-Founder and Chief Space Officer of celestialdata, spoke to the trends in the Space economy and how big data from outer space can be brought down to help life sciences leapfrog to improve human health on earth.


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