The Block Babes Interview Harumi on Cryptocurrency Lending

The Block Babes host a weekly webcast event, “Today in Tech”.  In this episode, Harumi Urata-Thompson was interviewed by the three GenZ blockchain advocates who comprise The Block Babes team. The trio have made it their mission to promote financial education in the area of blockchain technology, decentralized finance and cryptocurrency. Their topic today was about Harumi’s latest endeavors as CFO at Celsius Network.

In the webcast, Harumi talks about:

What is Celsius Network and how does it work?

How does Celsius Network pay interest?

How has Harumi’s career trajectory evolved to get here?

Celsius Network has emerged to become one of the most popular cryptocurrency lending platforms.  Against this backdrop, Harumi provides an inside view of crypto lending business models that are driving some of the biggest trends in cryptocurrency today.

Celsius Network enables interest-bearing cryptocurrency accounts and low-fee lending that utilizes cryptocurrency as collateral.  Companies like these platforms have grown significantly since they allow users to earn a substantial passive income on cryptocurrency digital assets, particularly in comparison to fiat-based savings account interest rates. They often offer higher interest rates on savings accounts and loan rates that are generally lower than traditional alternatives.

The Block Babes video channel on and YouTube were created in efforts to bring awareness about blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and education to the younger generations. They are a self-described group of “GenZ girls that fell in love with blockchain technology and the ability to build and capitalize on it.” The Block Babes believe that financial freedom is so important yet it’s not common knowledge or something you typically learn in schools.