Blockchain for Project Managers

HUT Consulting was requested to address how the project managers could get involved in emerging technologies like blockchain.  The event was held as part of PMI NJ monthly meeting which is attended by 100s of members in person and over webcast.  The event was held at Bridgewater Marriott.  The event description was as follows:

How do we take a part in emerging industry?

“Blockchain” is one of those terms – like “.com” or “mobile” or “AI” – that everyone wants but can’t quite tell you why and don’t know how to take a part of. On one level, the Blockchain may be the most ground breaking, game changing innovation since the internet itself. On the other hand, that sounds like a lot of hype, and perhaps at this stage, that’s all it is. If that is what it is, how can project managers take a part in this emerging technology around which a whole industry is developing or should we? Perhaps understanding the technology and what is happening around it is the first step. Harumi will also help us learn how to separate the blockchain hipsters from the hypesters as more and more people try to ride this wave.

You will learn during this presentation:

  • Technology overview
  • Blockchain, job market and PM
  • How can we use blockchain?
  • Cryptocurrency overview
  • Regulatory landscape