HUT Consulting on Blockchain Expert Panel, “Modern Stores of Value and the World Economy”

With blockchain’s underlying technology still so young, there remains a lot of room for innovation and improvements. Subjects discussed in the webinar varied from financial trading to legal & compliance across to marketing communications and technology. These areas were focused around addressing big questions like:

Are cryptocurrencies really acting as stores of value?

What can we do to bring more transparency?

What’s the “it” that will push this technology and investment vehicle into mainstream?

Presenting alongside Harumi Urata-Thompson were respected peers Bryan McGurk, investor and writer experienced in non-profit sector and legacy market trading, Xenia Vyazemskaya, co-founder of It Takes Two content marketing and PR firm for startups in fintech and digital assets, and Manny Alicandro, NYC attorney and former candidate for New York Attorney General and NYC Public Advocate.

The online event was hosted by the Blockchain Center and Bitcoin Center NYC, with special thanks to Anna Ginzburg, Nick Spanos and Scott Spiegel.