The Top 3 Most Powerful Technologies Driving Economic Growth in the 4th Industrial Revolution, Part II—The True Power of Using Combinations of Multiple Technologies

As a follow-up to Part I, which introduced the 3 most powerful technologies driving economic growth in the fourth industrial revolution, HUT Consulting published Part II on Medium.

In Part I, we described how in the fourth industrial revolution — driven in part by the mainstream adoption of the smartphone — there has been explosive proliferation of massive datasets or “Big Data”.  We described what’s behind the top three most powerful enablers: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain. These technologies leverage and capitalize on Big Data.

In Part II, the concept of “employing a combination of AI and Blockchain [which] can be a truly powerful way of enabling the amplification of the economic benefits” is introduced. We conclude, “At this stage, with what we know today, we’d put a stake in the ground that the fourth industrial revolution will follow the trend and become a faster and greater economic expansion than the previous ones. This economic reality could be just around the corner.” Read more here.

This article is part of Tokyo FinTech publication series.